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is a beautiful place where Gutto, Flora, Mr.Resolve and Singlanders sing all the time and take care of the nature.

In the Funtastic Circus there are the clown brothers, the music magician, the recycling contortionist, the element juggler, and the two “trapeace” artists.

Come have fun with the Singlanders
and learn amazing things!

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Many trees and plants are sad, and more animals are disappearing. Their homes are in danger! Come and become a Singlander to help us save our Planet!


The Promise

The Promise

We promise to take care of Mother Nature.
For this we shall never allow failure.
We shall always recycle and use less plastic
so our world can be fantastic.
To care about water, soil, animals, trees and air
is something we shall do everywhere.
Help each other to do the same
so in the future we feel no shame.

The Promise

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