Flora loves to take care of flowers and plants. She waters them with her watering purse. She likes to sing and her high pitch voice can be heard far away. When she’s sad, the petals of her flower-dress falls apart, but they grow back again along with flowers and plants.


Gutto likes animals and makes songs, some are funny and other have nice messages. He wants to help to save the world. Everyone does, right? People always gather around him to sing along. No wonder he is the leader. He’s colorblind, but he still sees the beauty of our Blue Planet.

Mr. Resolve

Mr. Resolve is the Singlanders’ teacher and is always in a hurry. He teaches amazing things in Cool School. Recycling and inventing new things using old things are his biggest skills and is very cool!  Sometimes he sings along with Gutto, Flora and the Singlanders with his low pitch voice.

The Funtastic Circus

 In Kitchy City there are houses and buildings of all colors and shapes, shops that sell books, toys and cakes. And there’s also the Cool School. That’s where I love to go and my friends too.

Next to Kitchy City is Singland. Many people go there to see the  Funtastic Circus. The shows are really nice and we learn a lot as we have tons of fun.

Check out these guys that are always there making “funtastic” stuff: