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In the series GUTTO AROUND THE WORLD we present the first episode about EROSION and its effect in nature, including amazing sculptures it carves naturally in the earth and rocks. Here are the answers for the GUESSING GAME:

First sculpture: elephant (some people say fish, but Gutto disagrees)


Second: cup or mushroom


Third: a hand with finger pointing up


Fourth: old lady (with a smashed nose!)


Fifth: a face of a friendly ghost! BOOHOO!

If you are interested in knowing where these places are, write to us in our SAY HELLO page and we will send you the list! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the next episodes.

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We love this post for the Peace Day! Actually it’s one of the best takes of the video clip Eeny Meeny Miny Moe, when we are all together inside the “Big Brown Boat”.

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It’s so fun to film the video clips and content videos with our characters!

Here’s the cartoon Jazzmin and the real Jazzmin.

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