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The “New Normal”

We will win the battle against Coronavirus. In some places it seems this has already happened. Let’s celebrate! But now we have to deal with a few new situations. Some of the  questions are: How to keep safe  in order not to have a second wave? Or even without a second wave, just not wanting to run the risk of getting this spooky virus? And how will we guarantee entertainment to ourselves and to our children knowing that the number of people are much more limited now in most places due to social distancing? It seems that uncertainty will haunt our minds until an effective vaccine becomes available in large scale. Don’t panic! 



  Big concerts and parties will still take a while to open doors. But we are happy to watch parks, beaches and other open air facilities reopen.  Hopefully soon cinemas, theatres and other entertainment facilities will start raising curtains. Hurray! But how to deal with the limited amount of people in these places?  Nothing to fear about. Just plan ahead to guarantee your joyful moments. 

Before the pandemia you were able to walk in to your favorite restaurant and get a table. Now it might be tricky to get a table without a previous reservation. Movie theatre, entertainment parks and other places that also have distancing rules may also leave you out if you don’t make a reservation or buy your tickets in advance. And for places that were already necessary to make reservations or buy a ticket in advance, now it may be necessary to do it further in advance.  And for places in which a reservation or tickets are inexistent, such as parks, beaches or your favourite coffee shop, have a “Plan B” and maybe even a “Plan C” before you leave home, as these places might be “full” due to the new limited number of people allowed at the same time. This is mainly important for groups with children. Our small buddies create much more expectations for outdoor activities. Not having a good second plan in case you are “left out” would be completely frustrating for the kids-full-of-energy and may spoil the smile on your and their faces. And remember to always respect social distancing in these places and keep an extra eye on your small pals to avoid them getting too close to other people. 


Second, how safe will it be to eat and drink out or at home from delivery food? It’s true that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that it’s unaware of any cases of coronavirus being spread by food, but this affirmation is uncertain. This is due to the fact that Coronavirus is only harmful if it enters into our lungs, which means that if we eat a food that contains some of the virus – which goes directly down to our stomach – the virus will be harmless. Despite of this curious fact, obviously some safety measures are imperative.

So unless you really know the person that is preparing your food, prefer to order cooked food instead of raw food. But if it’s a raw food that you can put lemon or vinagre, such as salads, then it will kill those germs and viruses. About cooked food, viruses don’t survive in minimum cooking temperatures, so even “slow cooking” is safe. Remember: it’s NOT necessary for the food to be deep fried to be virus free. Let’s keep a healthy diet! 

When you go out to eat it is mandatory to sit apart from other tables for a minimum safe distance. But safer than that is sitting at tables in open air areas. And as for the schoolers, remind your kids about the importance of them washing their hands or sanitizing properly before each meal and snack. Double check if they’re being properly supervised about sanitation at school. Finally, prefer touch-free payment methods, contact-free delivery and remember to always clean the food packages properly. If you make large grocery shoppings, you may keep those that you won’t use for the next few days in a corner so you don’t need to sanitize them. The virus dies by itself after 3 days on plastic items such as plastic bags, bottles and packages, and 5 days on metal packages.




  Here we are now slowly on our way back to our old routine and schedules, though now it’s a new  different “normal” and it will take an extra bit of patience, adaptation and time with planning. Knowing ahead on where to go, making reservations, thinking of a “plan B” before going out, sanitizing hands and packages more frequently, time to recover the “lost time” to reconnect with people and places we love.

We will undeniably become more hygiene conscious, hopefully more tolerant and practice more solidarity to help the many people that were economically, physically and / or mentally affected during the pandemic period.

And last but not least, we should all become more conscious of the importance of taking more care of the nature, after witnessing its recovery in the many places where the flora and the fauna were previously dull and flourished back during the pandemic slowdown. Recycling, upcycling, saving water, reduce our carbon prints in general also has to become a priority for a better world.

Text by Gutto Ishtar.

Reviewed by Sharon Battat.

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Beatriz Grossman
Beatriz Grossman

What a wonderful video! Also the blog has a very instructional and oriented information, that really help us during this difficult moment!
The song is lovely! The kids are awesome! All the set is spectacular!!! Congrats Gutto Ishtar for all your creativeness! I am enchanted!!!